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You have come to the right place if you are looking for information about upcoming AVU Riders Association events and rides. Be sure to check out the AVURA calendar below for dates and times of upcoming rides that AVURA will be participating in. Down and to the left is the list of current AVURA Officers. If you are not a member and would like become one, please contact one of the members listed below for more information. You can also download the AVURA Riders Creed and/or the AVURA Auxiliary Members waiver in the download section below. Take a look at the AVURA photos in the Ride Photo Section below.


Your AVURA Officers

AVURA Founding President - Tony "Doc" West
AVURA Chapter 1 President - Gary Bell
AVURA Chapter 1 Vice-Pres. Richard "Gumby" Theis
AVURA Chapter 2 President - Richard "Slicer" Gibson
AVURA Chapter 2 Vice-Pres. - Richard "Vader" Jones
AVURA Treasurer - Bill "ChillyPep" Gould
AVURA Secretary - Janet "Pizzazzy" Gould
AVURA Sgt. at Arms - James "Carp" LaRue (Interim)

A current AVURA members list is available in the download section below.


Interested in joing the AVU Riders Association? Contact one of the AVURA members below.

For Chapter 1 Santa Maria, CA

  • Gary Bell 805-714-9417
  • Richard "Slicer" Gibson 661-822-1806

For Chapter 2 Moorpark, CA

  • Bill "ChillyPep" Gould 805-390-8191
  • Richard "Slicer" Gibson 661-822-1806

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